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Country of central and northwest North America with coastlines on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It includes the noncontiguous states of Alaska and Hawaii and various island territories in the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. The area now occupied by the contiguous 48 states was originally inhabited by numerous Native American peoples and was colonized beginning in the 1500s by Spain, France, the Netherlands, and England. Great Britain eventually controlled most of the Atlantic coast and, after the French and Indian Wars (1754-1763), the Northwest Territory and Canada. Washington, DC, is the capital and New York the largest city..

Just to clarify, it is not the length(i.e., how long you study) of the program that determines the degree, it is the number of classes that you take in the program that determines the completion of program to graduate. It is up to you how long you take to graduate. Schools in US let you graduate anywhere from 1 year to 8 years. Some students just do classes part time one class a semester. Some students are aggressive and they take 12 credits a semester and take all 3 semesters to complete 36 credits and graduate exactly in a year. In fact, for my MBA program, I followed the same strategy and am graduating in one year. Typically, full time students take anywhere from 1 and half years to 2 years to complete coursework. They do not take summer classes, so it will be two falls and two spring terms.

  • PhD in Management (Full Program)
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • PhD in Management (Completion Program)
  • MS in Finance
  • MS in Management
  • MS in Leadership
  • MS in Marketing
  • MS in Human Resource Management
  • MS in Accounting
  • MS in Communication
  • BS in Business Administration
  • BS in Accounting
  • BS in Communication
  • BS in Business Communication